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Christiana Rojas

Brave beauty spa

Mikayla Leier


Is the Co Founder of The Bold Babe Society, Owner of Brave Beauty Spa, and Creator of The Brave Beauty Podcast. She has been an Esthetician for 10 years. She has always been passionate about all things skin care, beauty, and wellness. Brave Beauty Spa is all about the best beauty treatments and making you feel your best!  Christiana is also the Host of the Brave Beauty Podcast where you can find everything about the beauty world and much more! 

Mikayla is a website designer using the Showit platform, she uses her background working within a creative agency in San Diego to know the up to date design trends in order to create aesthetic driven sites that are sure to capture the eyes of your audience. She works with the health and beauty space. Fun fact is that she designed the website you are currently on. If you are looking for someone to bring to life your brand through the digital experience she is your girl. Check out her instagram below to see her design style and aesthetics. 

Mary Diver

M757 Photography

Whitney Damianidis

MD Wellness coach

 Mary is a Motherhood, Wedding, & Branding Photographer based in Virginia Beach. She loves photographing every special moment of people's lives from their Engagements & Weddings to their Newborn Bliss & Growing Families! She loves cheering on and supporting other entrepreneurs so she creates Branding Portraits to help them share about themselves and their work! When she isn't behind the camera or in her office, she is probably at the beach with family and friends!

I am a fitness and nutrition coach. I'm also a girl mom, animal lover and coffee snob. I live in athleisure (which is just a nicer way of saying that I wear workout clothes all the time) and have a Nike addiction. I also compete in fitness, strength and bodybuilding competitions. My life revolves around helping others improve their health and fitness - whether that's through providing nutritional advice or coaching them through their workouts. There is nothing I love more than helping people break through self-doubt and achieve their goals!

Erin Bodmer

holistic financial planner

 I work with people of all different professions from coast to coast. My main market I serve consists of business owners, military families/individuals, anyone in the medical field, and realtors. My team and I can always add value to someone's current financial plan, and we pride ourselves in the close relationship we hold with our clients. We believe in empowering our community by providing financial literacy and financial security. Our services include comprehensive financial planning, risk management products (insurances), wealth management strategies, debt management strategies, tax mitigation, retirement planning, and much more. If you're looking for a financial plan that prioritizes your priorities, let's set up a brief discovery meeting in person or over the phone. I look forward to working with you! 

Kristen Crowley

Online Brand Image & media coach

Brandilynn Michelle

Graphic designer

Alejandra Arias

Event Designs & Party Planner

Kristen Crowley is a former TV News Anchor turned Brand Image powerhouse, helping women build their online image and take it to the next level.  With 18+ years in television, and a background in visual merchandising, food + beverage, and events, she knew there was a way to fill a gap in the space of online business by combining these talents. She partnered with reFRAME co-founder Jill Bunny, a 5x cover model, 4x fitness champion, author, and business owner to bring reFRAME to life. Together they created their signature Brand Image Content Retreats that allow women to build a year’s worth of content in just DAYS using their system and team. The retreats + pop-up shoots happen in amazing locations all over the world (even right here in Virginia Beach!) every year. They also work with brand + business development online with their clients.  Kristen lives in Chesapeake, VA, is a mother of two, a military wife, and volunteers with multiple charities in Hampton Roads. She has also never met a margarita she didn’t like! LOL You can reach out to her anytime with questions! “You are your brand. Your brand is your business. If you don’t treat it like one, you will fail.” - Kristen

I am a Showit white-label designer helping high-end brand agencies offload their site development. My passion is in serving others and being creative, not in custom client projects. If you are wanting more intentionality in your business and desire more freedom to devote time to what you truly love, I am here to provide the support you need to thrive.

 I am the face behind Freckled Fun, it all started as an outlet for creativity and seeing people's happiness once they saw their vision come to life. Freckle Fun was an idea I had for years but never really had the opportunity or the courage to start. One day during covid I decided to take the first step and it’s been the best decision for me! My daily setups range from balloon arch’s , balloon garlands, specialty charcuterie boards, and personally designed themes my clients are looking for. I love expressing my creativity and it brings me so much joy to help my clients bring their party visions to life!

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